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This website is a portal to both my profressional and presonal content that I have created over the last 20 years of in the entertainment and media industry.


Predominantly I am a 3D Generalist who has crossed between the technical and creative process when creating content. The main 3D tool that I use is Maya, but I have been required to use 3DS Max, Houdini, Nuke, After Effects and the Adobe Production bundle.

I have keenly developed and written scripts to help automate 3D processes, developing strong skills in Python and MEL scripting. Other languages that I have written in are Java, C# and VB Script.


A passion of mine has always been photography. I first started off using a film based SLR's, but now I use a Canon 7D as my main tool for getting visual content for both work and personal related content. 

The Canon 7D is used professionally to capture HDRI content, textures and reference material, to aid in creating 3D content.




I have a background in Interactive Design and Multi-media. This involved Flash Animation and Web Development. I have over the years continued to develop my web based skills sets, working with CMS's such as Drupal, Orhard and WordPress. 

I have also maintained a VB Script based intranet sight and in the course of doing so, I have developed strong SQL and Front End skill sets.